Thursday, September 8, 2011

My summer creations...

These were all made in the beginning of summer before my pregnancy hindered a lot of my motivation and energy to bake things in the kitchen. I plan on making things again soon, as my energy and determination to do more things returns, now that I'm nearing my 2nd trimester. 
 These cookies were made for my friend Savannah. I hadn't seen her for 2 years and I went to visit her. She just turned 7 in August. She is growing too fast!
This is my 4th of July American Flag cake. It looked pretty before it was cut too! The layers are white cake, and red velvet. The frosting is a yummy cream cheese frosting. 

I made Mickey Mouse cake balls :)

This cake was made after my first cake decorating class at Michaels. 

These cookies were my first try with royal icing. I got the royal icing recipe from, as well as the American Flag cake tips.

These are my no coffee tiramisu cupcakes. I made lady fingers into cupcakes, soaked chocolate syrup on them and put a mascarpone cheese frosting in between and on top.

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